• Bounce Culture About


    Bounce Culture was founded in Derry, 1999, by Kwa Daniels, a DJ born in London, originating from Ghana, living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

  • Bounce Culture Education


    We provide creative industries courses and personal development programmes, increasing access, providing opportunity and creating platforms to support participants from a disadvantaged background.

  • Sea Sessions


    Bounce isn’t just a name, a club night or fad, it’s the positive feeling we aim to evoke through every DJ, band, record, instrument, mix and event we organise. Every night and day!

  • Buena Vista Podcast


    Hosts Julien Jazz, Kieran Campbell, Conor McNamee, Kwa Daniels, Editor Ryan Gallagher and Producer Jon Bell lead the way with off track music and on point vibes from around our Homely Planet.