Bounce isn’t just a name, a club night or fad, it’s the positive feeling we aim to evoke through every DJ, band, record, instrument, mix and event we organise. Every night and day!

Back to where it all began for us, attracting good people to great venues to vibe to outstanding music with the added twist of bespoke visuals. We are very excited to be collaborating with Black Box Belfast to present Neo Neo, a new live performance series, bringing together a choice selection of the country's most innovative electronic musicians and contemporary artists. None of this would be possible without the financial clout of the PRS music foundation. Check out our first gathering and then make it happen by joining us!

Bounce Culture Radio brings you a live session from the archives. David Little vs Kaidi Tatham, Sandinos Bar, Derry 2014.

Bounce Inside

We aim to maintain that ‘feel good’ factor, throughout the day and night. We’ve staged, hosted and performing at events since 1999, throwing over 600 parties with over 45,000 music lovers. We have staged gatherings in theatres, concert halls, cafés, bars, mansions, hotels, cellars, fields, beaches, mountainsides and islands. 

Under the umbrella of Bounce Events, we dropped Barrio 54 onto our Belfast family, with all dj’s and musicians encouraged to draw on music from the African and Latin cultures.

Bounce Outside

We have travelled across the U.K and Europe, performing in barns, courtyards, fields, beaches, mountainsides and islands in – Belfast, Bern, Dakar, Derry, Dublin, Durham, Edinburgh, Galway, London, Nottingham and Stockholm. Our festivals destinations have included:
  • Glasgowbury
  • City Of Derry Jazz Festival
  • MTV Crashes
  • Radio 1’s One Big Weekend
  • Culture Tech
  • Diwali & Ubuntu Festivals
  • Sea Sessions
  • Dun Laoghaire Festival Of World Cultures
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Electric Picnic