Special Learning Needs

We have broken down our teaching style and presentation into digestible, bite size portions for eager young minds.

We have witnessed the benefits of giving young people, of all abilities, the chance to express themselves creatively, which we believe is key to their personal development. By engaging young people in the creative arts, we have seen how our holistic approach positively impacts participants, their families and their relationships. In our experience, combining performance techniques with technology is the key to a positive learning experience.

We have facilitated extended school programmes and projects in

  • Ardnashee School & College (Formerly Foyle View and Belmont Special Schools)
  • Mencap
  • Royal National Institute of Blind People
  • Big Lottery's Tuned In Project
  • Something Special
  • Knockavoe Special School

Livenet #YouConnectMe

Mencap’s LiveNet Relationships and Well Being project was centred on the creation of an online toolkit to be used by participants, their family members or carers to explore relationships and well-being for young people with a learning disability. Using Forum Theatre techniques participants were able to take centre stage in three films, aided by our facilitators. We also prepared a series of learning aids or 'Toolkits' to demonstrate to young people with a learning need, how easy it is to create music and a short film, using basic equipment and software packages. 

Mencap's Livenet Relationships project - Family Film.