Kickstart 2018 Passion Point podcast is go!

Listen to tomorrow's industry influencers and cultural taste-makers, today!

Kickstart 2018 was another residential to remember. Hosted by National Citizens Service [NCS] in Milton Keynes, 260 of the most vibrant teenagers in the UK were brought together for a week of workshops and activities.

Bounce Culture’s Graham Ginty and Kwa Daniels weighed into the Passion Point series for a second year running with our “Hands on Music, Hearts in Music” session. We focussed on the importance of passion when working with music, be it producing or performing with it.

We never miss an opportunity to place our participants voice at the centre of all we do! Using Digital recorders, Tablets, Music Making software, Laptops and DJ Technology we produced music, record interviews, testimonies and compiled DJ mixes. Every beat and bar during this 15-minute podcast was created by our Passion Point participants! We also grabbed a piece of the party!

Look out for the bonus links with the full mix of beats created. From Hip Hop to Trap, Grime to House, Afro-beats to Broken-Beats, everyone’s Inner Rhythm was covered!