It’s been a busy time for Bounce Culture. We’ll be honest, there are so many memorable occasions to write about, we haven’t written about them! Instead we have provided some pics and clips with full page updates to be posted here very soon. In the mean time, our recent highlights include....

  • Let's Talk is a ground-breaking pilot project, placing young people’s mental health at the core, which featured in a lovely article in the Irish News. We’re very proud of our long-lasting relationship with St Cecilia’s College.


  • The increasingly legendary Baby Raves with Young at Art add to the many highlights with the four sold out raves in City Hall, as part of the Belfast Children’s Festival remaining long in our memory.


  • Our Movement exhibition at Framewerk, to work with Arts & Business and an exciting graduate training programme tie in culture, technology and personal development in our own unique way.


  • Two of our most promising students from Derry, Jordan Villa and Eire Dunne also made their debuts in Belfast as part of our Neo Neo events. Linking our Bounce Afrika project from West Africa back to Northern Ireland sits alongside another landmark moment.


  • Project work with Artscare for the The Northern Health & Social Care Trust resulting in a spine-tingling spoken word performance from a teenager sharing a raw account of her time in the care system, in front of an audience of 400 people.


  • Establishing, locating or igniting people’s Inner Rhythm, engaging close to 100,000 people as we approach our 20th year in 2019.

We know we haven’t been updating you as regularly as we should through our website but hopefully our social media activity has kept you in touch with the rest of our movements.